Automotive SPICE v3.1 Standard Training

Automotive SPICE v3.1 Standard Training

Automotive SPICEv3.1规格培训 2Days

  • 这个培训将帮助你了解ASPICE规格的基本要求。本培训详细讲解ASPICE v3.1规格中的VDA范围内16个流程要求,及能力级别1级-3级的要求。你可以借此机会和评估师讲师讨论ASPICE在开发现场中应用的实际案例和最佳实践,帮助你加深了解基于ASPICE规格的流程改进的理念。


  • Introduction and Overview for process assessment according to ISO/IEC 330xx
  • Explanation of VDA scope processes
    • SYS.2 System Requirement Analysis
    • SYS.3 System Architectural Design
    • SYS.4 System Integration and Integration Test
    • SYS.5 System Qualification Test
    • SWE.1 Software Requirement Analysis
    • SWE.2 Software Architectural Design
    • SWE.3 Software Detailed Design and Unit Construction
    • SWE.4 Software Unit Verification
    • SWE.5 Software Integration and Integration Test
    • SWE.6 Software Qualification Test
    • SUP.1 Quality Assurance
    • SUP.8 Configuration Management
    • SUP.9 Problem Resolution Management
    • SUP.10 Change Request Management
    • MAN.3 Project Management
    • ACQ.4 Supplier Monitoring
  • Explanation of Capability levels 1-3 requirements